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“Comics are a gateway drug to literacy.” ~ Art Spiegelman

"No...I'm not the artist. I'm the writer" ~ Glenn Farrington


"Five lives. One day. Some days matter more than others."

I was attending the "Art of the Thrill Kill" panel at the 2012 Comic Con and something the immensely talented (and stunning) author Michelle Gangnon said gave me an idea for a story. After the panel I went to see Larry Young of Ait Planet Lar and pitched the idea. He introduced me to the amazing Fillbach Bros to do the artwork, "they would be perfect for this"...and after pitching the story to them, they came on board.  It was published by 1st Comics in 2013 to critical acclaim. Here are reviews by Pop Culture Uncovered and The Gaming Gang. You can purchase LIVES here!



This is my first comic book series that will be hitting the stands very soon. I wont give away much, but lets just say it's sci-fi, funny and with a lot of action. The artwork is by the Eisner nominated Steve Bryant and Allen Nunis of Classic Star Wars and Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squadron: The Rebel Opposition.

It will be published by 1st Comics.


Look for this Graphic Novel coming out soon published by AIT Planet Lar

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